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Start generating revenue from your site’s audience, with our pre-roll video advertising service.

If you already use another network to facilitate your ads – why not try us? You may be surprised just how competitive we can be!

We are proud to have a worldwide presence, and unlike many large networks, we are able to build, incredibly good relationships with our publishers, thanks to our smaller size.

Check out our publisher homepage for more information, about the excellent service we provide for our publishers.


We currently support HTML 5 and Flash pre-roll video ads.


This is possible, whether you are an existing customer or a new customer. We will need to approve your site/implementation manually, and not all websites meet our advertisers criteria.

If your website/implementation isn’t approved and you put our adverts on your website/share your link i.e. your portal MOTD link, you risk having your account and earnings restricted/suspended. Equally you will need to ensure the traffic you send us, is of good quality once approved (i.e. ads are in the viewable area, and the audience are genuinely watching the ads).

Your website is more likely to be approved if:

– You get over 2,000 impressions a day (from countries that include – US, UK, DE, FR, ES)
– Your website is gaming related e.g. an online flash game arcade/gaming news site etc.
– You can provide your own video player (though not mandatory)

Your website will not be approved if:

– It promotes gambling/drugs/illegal activities/traffic exchanges etc.
– It is not written in English as the primary language
– It is a blog or forum
– It contains a virus/malicious code
– It looks outdated or lacks content


1. Email us on [email protected] or create a support ticket (via members portal) – and tell us your URL.
2. Tell us how many daily impressions you get (approx), and from what countries.
3. Tell us where you want the pre-roll video adverts to appear i.e. before what content.
4. We review your request within 48 hours – if approved we’ll show you how to easily integrate our network.
5. If successful you will get website tags/or other means to show adverts on your website, via a video player.

Note – we don’t support html display banners on external websites, only pre-roll video at this time.