Through our network and our partners we help advertisers connect with over: 2,000 in-game PC publishers, and Web Publishers.

Our network boasts a simple solution that offers publishers, pre-roll video advertising, with the use of a sophisticated ad serving system. By utilising this technology, we can ensure only the most responsive and best paying adverts are shown to a publisher, at any given time, compliments to our intelligent waterfall approach, effective yield-optimization and our worldwide presence.

Our solution offers publishers the benefit of excellent CPMs and simple integration.

Over 7.5 million video ads
filled for our in-game publishers every month alone!


In-game PC publishers – individuals or businesses that run their own game servers, and want to monetize their servers with adverts, on games we support, for example: CSGO.

Web publishers – individuals or businesses that run a website and want to monetize with adverts.


Get all your statistics in one place – simple, transparent, and informative.

Our secure member portal is incredibly detailed, yet it remains free and easy to use:

  • Get “near real-time” statistics fed through to your portal
  • See when your payments are due, and view your account balance in an instant
  • Request early payment, with our early payments facility
  • Manage the minimum CPMs you are willing to accept from advertisers (price floors)
  • Sort your statistics by – day, month, and country, and then review your data for trends
  • Add individual websites/servers with a full break-down available to hand
  • Log a support ticket to speak with a member of staff
  • Redeem loyalty rewards (coming soon) & much more

 Some member responses from our Oct 2014 survey (on our portal/service):
“To be frank, I’m pretty sure you take a competitive and fair cut (that is too say, not too much nor too little), but this is definitely worth it, as just signing up on MOTDgd alone allows me to capture ad revenue from many online ad networks; your statistics displays are really slick!”

“The fact that I can see how many ads have been viewed in almost real-time. Once again, most other websites don’t use real-time, and often take 24hours or some sites up to a month before they release stats.”

“The rates are better than the competition, the interface of the MOTDgd portal is good as well and gives a great amount of detail about where the revenue is coming from.”

An small glance at our detailed member portal


Generous revenue share of 80% (as standard), plus an option to get paid earlier.

We believe a generous revenue share, allows earnings to be maximised to their true potential. We have steered away from fixed rates for this very reason – they are too restrictive, and less transparent.

We also have an early payment facility, on a first-come first-served basis, which allows payment earlier than NET 60. Each month we specifically set aside funds, for early payments to our members. This effectively means we pay our members before we get paid ourselves in operating this facility; this is largely unheard of in our industry, but our members love it!

A couple of member responses from our Oct 2014 survey (on early payments):
“I think it is very useful to have, most other ad websites don’t have an option like that.”

“A great thing to offer in the event that bills arise too early and you need the option to get the funds to pay them off.”