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Steam Specific

We currently offer server owners the ability to monetize the following titles, on their servers:

Counter-Strike: Source
Counter-Strike Global
Day of Defeat: Source
Garry’s Mod
Left For Dead 2 (L4D2)
Nuclear Dawn
Team Fortress 2
No More Room In Hell

The plugin is optional but allows you, advertisers and MOTDgd to be provided with more detailed tracking data, you can use your MOTDgd URL instead if you wish.

We do however, recommend the plugin, as it will give you a better insight into your statistics and earnings breakdown.

Recently (July 2015) we discovered Flash was no longer working on the Steam browser engine. Previously we installed ‘Flash for Other Browsers’ (e.g. Firefox). This was an NPAPI version of Flash Player which worked perfectly fine, but is becoming deprecated.

The preferred version of Flash Player is becoming the PPAPI version. If you download and install the PPAPI version of Flash Player, then restart Steam, you should find Flash fully works on the Steam browser again.

Lack of flash ads

As a result of Valve’s changes we are seeing a lot more HTML5 ads being served versus Flash. This has affected some geos negatively, however, we prefer working with HTML5 as we find it more responsive and less likely to crash than Flash.

Unlimited – we don’t limit your account by number of servers. You can install our plugins/use our services across an unlimited number of servers.

You are not alone, several server owners also run into issues installing the plugin. The best thing to do is to create a support ticket, in our member portal for our staff members to examine, and discuss with you. Please provide your server IPs, the game(s) you are running it with, the version number(s) (if applicable), and details of the problem, this is always helpful when diagnosing any issue.

For more instant support, we are also available on Skype at live:motdgd or on Steam, search IX3L


The sourcemod plugin is hard coded,  it uses the admflag_reservation.

LUA (Garry’s Mod)

On the plugin it is in the config file:

MOTDgd.SkipRanks = {} — If players is one of these ranks, then the advert will not show up for them, useful for donators or admins, add more like this: {“admin”, “superadmin”, “donator”, “someotherrank”} Supports: ULX, evolve, moderator and Ass


With the API you can develop custom applications which can fetch data such as your statistics.

Please see this link, for a full explanation, and examples: http://motdgd.com/api-framework.html

Yes – the redirect link setting in our Member’s Portal is meant for that purpose.

Go to “Settings”, “My account” then “MOTD/ad settings” to find it, and enter your original server MOTD URL in the redirect link box.

As long as the WxH is at least 640×360 and it’s above the page fold it’s fine – the MOTDgd ads must be above the server rules for example.

This must be done via an iframe/new tag – please contact us so we are aware, if you want to do this.

Note – you may have significantly less adverts as a result of having a new tag for this purpose. We recommend using our default MOTD page URL.

If a MOTD is shown when a player is respawned it will refresh the page. Unfortunately this a bug with Valve games and it is currently unfixable (as the issue is with Valve).

Please download the latest version of our plugin 2.05 which fixes that problem – http://motdgd.com/publishers/steam-publisher/get-plugin-steam/

Our old plugin 2.04 had this bug.

This used occur a lot more frequently than it does now, it has largely been fixed. However, sometimes our adverts are shown in an iframe (especially when fill rates/ad campaigns are low).

When the adverts are shown in the iframe, the console will sometimes give you “spammed text error messages”. This is nothing to worry about, other than it is frustrating to see the text spam. Your physical ad statistics and earnings will not be impacted by the messages, it is to do with advert delivery.

We are sorry for an inconvenience caused.

If you see a white loading/black screen instead of an ad on our video page – that’s OK, there isn’t always a video ad available in the user’s country (due to fill rates/campaigns). The white loading screen you see, is attempting to search our partners for an ad, and can sometimes take a long time if the player is from a country where there are little/no ads. If no ad is found then the video page will redirect to a black banner page, followed by a thank you page (by default)/or a URL you specified on your portal settings.

We will try to serve at least a banner or remnant ad (non-video) when a main video ad is unavailable (something is better than nothing). This ensures server owners don’t lose out entirely because of lack of fill rates.

Fill rates fluctuate up and down throughout the year, this is normal – it doesn’t mean our ad server is broken.

For more information about ad availability please go to http://motdgd.com/rates.php

Non-videos are more plentiful than video campaigns in general; where we can run a video campaign with our advertisers – we will. However, video campaigns are not always readily available, and this very much depends on the location of your audience.

For example – UK audiences will generally see plenty of video content, whereas, audiences in Estonia (for example), will see few videos and a larger amount of non-videos/banners. It is all down to advertiser demand for audience destinations.

It is a fact that videos pay a higher CPM than non-videos, so we always strive to improve our video availability, to help you earn more.

For information about our video availability and rates please click here.

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