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Jargon Buster/Technical

Message of the day, good (gd being an acronym for good).

We chose this name because when our company was born, we specialised in placing our advertisements inside the MOTD (the message of the day) in Steam games. Even though we have now expanded, Steam will always be our roots, so the name has stuck ever since.

Accounts are optimised by default. When you’ve registered your settings are automatically on our recommended options so you don’t need to change anything, unless you want to experiment.

If you wish to change your settings for example: disabling non-video, or changing the redirect URL (after the video page), then you simply go to “settings” and “MOTD/Ad settings” on the portal.

This is a feature in demand by our members, and we are working on a feature to allow members to customise it – thanks for your patience.

Every time a video or non-video advert is shown to your players, we describe this as an “ad view/impression” and it will be listed in your member portal statistics as an ad view. Please allow up to 1 hour or 20 minutes (premium members) for your statistics to update. A request for an ad is not the same as an ad view e.g. if a player requests and an ad, by going to your ad page, and doesn’t get one, we won’t credit you with a view. This is instead known as an “ad hit”and isn’t shown on the portal.

eCPM stands for “cost per mile” (or in simpler terms cost per 1,000 requests), it is a common term in the advertising industry; it gives you an indication of what you will get paid, we quote it in US dollars .  For example as a publisher, a CPM of $5 means – we would pay you $5.00 per 1,000 users, who view your adverts.

Our rates largely depend on – the location of your audience (by country), and the campaigns we have running. You can visit http://motdgd.com/rates.php to get a better insight into our current average CPM rates (they change daily). From this page you can also get a better understanding of the availability of our ads worldwide.

Percentage of times the video ad played to the end. For example a 30 sec advertisement playing the full 30 secs would result in a completion rate of 100%. The completion rate can be affected by a lot of things such as reloading the page, exiting a game (where applicable) and more.

At MOTDgd we completion rate is one of the ways we measure quality for our advertisers.

CTR stands for “click through rate”; this is based on the percentage of people that view your adverts, and subsequently click on them to find out more about the ad/promotion. We like to see good CTR rates, as that generally resembles good quality traffic – which is great for our advertisers.


When we have a lot of advertising campaigns we would say we have “high fill rates”.

When we have a low amount of advertising campaigns we would say we have “low fill rates”.

For example: The video fill rate in the UK is high (this would mean there are lots of video ad campaigns available in the UK).

When video fill rates are low, there are less campaigns which means, although you might have a lot of traffic trying to request ads, there won’t be many video ads physically available for them to watch. When we can’t show a video we try to at least show a non-video so you earn “something” rather than “nothing”.

Fill rates go up and down throughout the year, and are dictated by many factors included – country, advertiser spend, month in the year etc. It’s important to note, even if CPM rates are high, but the fill rates in your players geos are low, then your earnings will be limited. The best case scenario would be a high CPM rate alongside a high fill rate.


We currently support HTML5 and JS VPAID ads, Flash (very limited)

Banners (in-game publishers only)

We currently support 300 x 250 and 728 x 90 banners.

Non video ads are: banner ads and remnant ads (very low paying videos)  – these pay very little in comparison to our main video advertisements, but they still pay you something. You will be paid for your non-video views on the banner page (if no ad is found on the video page) and the “thank you page”.

To clarify:

  • The thank you page is the default URL that the video page redirects to after a video is shown. You can change this URL if you wish on the portal, but would lose the benefit of the extra non video revenue.
  • The banner page is the page that is shown if there is no video available, prior to the thank you page, remnant ads (if any) are shown here.

You may of noticed, there is also a banner on the video page, but we (MOTDgd) use this to artificially boost video rates across the network, and therefore, the small amount we earn from this is not directly payable to the member as a “non video” view.

You may get a lot of non videos when there are low fill rates in your players countries (less video ad campaigns available) – fill rates are constantly changing throughout the year, your patience is appreciated. Non video ads are also not guaranteed depending on your region, but they are more plentiful than videos generally.

Remnants ads are classed as “non video ads”, they are technically videos but they pay very little compared to normal pre-roll videos (but generally more than banners). This is why we group them with banners in the “non video section” of your statistics instead of putting them in video ads.

These ads are at the bottom of the video waterfall (which means they are tried last – if there are no other campaigns available), as they are slightly better than banners in isolation. To clarify if no main video ad is available they are shown on on a banner page, right before the “thank you for watching” page.


Under your MOTD/Ad settings you may enter a URL to replace our default “thank you for watching page”. Users would go to this page immediately after our ad page/watching an ad.

If you change the URL, you may lose some non-video revenue (as we monetise the default thank page with banners for you). However, non-video ads pay little, so you are free to do as you wish.

You must NOT under any circumstances try to loop our ads but redirecting to your ad MOTD URL, this is against our TOS.

We currently use our own in-house video player, which works extremely well, and it’s lightweight and not bloated.

We recommend and strongly advise using our “latest” player version under your MOTD/ad settings, which is enabled by default.

In rare scenarios you might find the “Old” player works better for you, and could be true with some gmod/other servers. You are free to experiment with this at your own risk.



Premium Membership is our way of rewarding our members for those with top quality traffic.

There are definite advantages to becoming a Premium Member (as you would expect). Premium membership qualification is automatically determined on a rolling month to month basis. You will find out on the 1st of each month, whether you qualified for Premium membership or not.

Advantages to Premium Membership include things such as: a monthly prize draw, cheaper early payment fees, priority early payments, faster updating stats etc. You may find a full list of the advantages for Premium Member’s here  (this is a member portal link).

How do I quality for premium membership?

Currently you must:

– Have at least 21 days of activity during the last month
– Have an average TRAQ score of 700+ (this is related to the viewability of ads, and is an internal score, which we measure)

Remember: if you are a Premium Member one month, there is no guarantee you will be a Premium Member the following month, unless your traffic quality is consistently good.


If you see a white loading/black screen instead of an ad on our video page – that’s OK, there isn’t always a video ad available in the user’s country (due to fill rates/campaigns). The white loading screen you see, is attempting to search our partners for an ad, and can sometimes take a long time if the player is from a country where there are little/no ads. If no ad is found then the video page will redirect to a black banner page, followed by a thank you page (by default)/or a URL you specified on your portal settings.

We will try to serve at least a banner or remnant ad (non-video) when a main video ad is unavailable (something is better than nothing). This ensures server owners don’t lose out entirely because of lack of fill rates.

Fill rates fluctuate up and down throughout the year, this is normal – it doesn’t mean our ad server is broken.

For more information about ad availability please go to http://motdgd.com/rates.php

Non-videos are more plentiful than video campaigns in general; where we can run a video campaign with our advertisers – we will. However, video campaigns are not always readily available, and this very much depends on the location of your audience.

For example – UK audiences will generally see plenty of video content, whereas, audiences in Estonia (for example), will see few videos and a larger amount of non-videos/banners. It is all down to advertiser demand for audience destinations.

It is a fact that videos pay a higher CPM than non-videos, so we always strive to improve our video availability, to help you earn more.

For information about our video availability and rates please click here.

Unlike a lot of networks, we offer statistics in near real-time and we closely monitor for any unusual activity.

Your statistics/earnings roughly every 20 minutes (for Premium Members), and every hour for everyone else.

This is why we say they are in “near real time”.

Very rarely statistics get stuck, this doesn’t mean we aren’t still counting your impressions/earnings, it just means they haven’t yet updated on your account.

Normally statistics update every hour or 20 minutes (for premium members), when this fails to happen we will manually force statistics to update, but it may take a little while longer for this to happen – please don’t panic 🙂

The Traffic Quality metric is visible to all members. This is available on the dashboard (summary) page on the Portal. This is shown as a five star rating, where it can either be unknown, or 1 star being worst and 5 stars being best. Initially the rating may appear as 3 stars while it works out your traffic patterns and various other metrics.

Traffic quality will not directly affect your revenue, it is just an indication for us and you.

How is it calculated? / How do I increase my traffic quality?

Traffic quality takes into account a variety of factors on your account, internal and external – we don’t reveal the exact basis for calculation. However, there are numerous ways to improve the quality of your traffic, some suggestions include:

– Ensure your ads are fully viewable
– Ensure your audience have an opportunity to click on the ads (impacting your CTR rate)
– Ensure the ads don’t get interrupted when they are playing (impacting your completion rate)
– Ensure your traffic is legitimate, and is not just made up of idle traffic for example

TRAQ is an acronym for “True Advertising Quality”.

In summary, each account has a TRAQ score that ranges from 0 to 1000. All accounts initially start with a score of 500.

A score of 0 is the worst quality possible and indicates serious problems with viewability or other important metrics that our advertisers look at.

A score of 1000  is the best quality possible which indicates advertisements are very likely working as our advertisers intend.

Things not to do which will negatively affect your score are:

– Do not display our ads below the page fold or partially below the page fold, this means the advertisement must be completely in the browser’s viewport (viewable area) when the page is initially loaded
– Do not hide our advertisements
– Do not try to initially display our advertisements in the background, hidden away from being viewed or interacted with at all
– Do not obstruct our advertisements with an overlay or related element
– Not allowing a majority of video advertisements to complete playback or even reach at least 25% of playback

Things which will positively affect your score are:

– Not doing any of the above
– Allowing video ads to play at least 25% of their clip, but ideally nearer 100% to maintain a higher score
– Occasionally showing ads through our Flash version of the video ads player and not just video ads through our HTML5 player (a lot of clients have Flash supported/installed anyway) – this is so we can we verify viewability and other important metrics for our advertisers
– Ensuring video ads are visible to the client as soon as they start playing

These measures allow us to suspend accounts which have been doing things such as using a traffic exchange and therefore improve our traffic’s quality. As such this equals more advertisements/advertisers, and can also lead to higher CPM’s.

No – Iframe’s are generally not allowed, as iframes can be hidden or put out of sight.

If you wish to run ads on your own website/via a custom implementation, you need to contact us, and ensure your operating within our TOS.

http://motdgd.com/publishers/web-publishers/ – please see this link for guidance on our approval process.

Absolutely NOT this is against our TOS.

You WILL be caught if you do, as we can detect fake/exchange traffic, and your account will be restricted.

Our advertisers will not pay for this poor quality traffic, neither will we.

If you don’t know what this is – you have nothing to worry about.

Loyalty points exist to reward our members for simply being loyal members!

On the MOTDgd member portal, you will see a “yellow star icon”, this resembles our loyalty shop where you can spend your points.


Loyalty points are automatically calculated based on your daily impression numbers, and your CTR rate (check the meaning of CTR on our FAQs if you are unsure).

The breakdown (Premium members will earn loyalty points faster than the below):

You get a minimum of 1 loyalty point per 500 daily impressions if your CTR is 0.2% or below.

You will get 2 loyalty points per 500 daily impressions for a CTR at/above 0.4%, 3 loyalty points for a CTR at/above .0.6%, 4 loyalty points for a CTR at/above 0.8%, and finally the maximum number of loyalty points possible per 500 is 5 (for CTR rates of 1% or more).

We appreciate the above will vary as your CTR rate may change frequently, this simple method of calculation above will still apply.

Note – if you have 250 impressions one day, and 250 impressions the next – they will not be added together for the calculation of a loyalty point. You must have at least 500 impressions in one day to earn points.

Loyalty points are updated daily, not in real-time.

You can spend the loyalty points on a variety of things; simply click the “yellow star” icon at the top of the portal to see the loyalty shop.

Each item is fairly simple to understand in practice, for example: a revenue share increase for your next x number of impressions, or access to our API – which allows you to monitor specific server impressions etc.

We will be constantly adding new items to our loyalty shop, this will make using MOTDgd a more enjoyable experience.

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