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All our advertising formats are monetised by advertisers, when they are shown to your users. You can check your statistics any time by going to your member portal, these are updated in near real-time (approx every hour or 20 minutes for premium members).

When a video is played to a user, this will count as an “impression/ad view”, we credit your account, relative to the CPM rate at the time (click here for our in-game video rates).

Banners & Remnant ads (Non-Videos)
When a banner/remnant ad  is seen by a user, this will count as an “impression/ad view”, we credit your account, relative to the CPM rate at the time (we don’t have a rates page for non-video), but they are paid in line with your revenue share.

You can get a good insight into the months that our advertisers spend the most money, by checking out our infographic: click here

As a generally accepted view – January and August tend to be particularly difficult months for the advertising industry as a whole, whereas the run up to Christmas for example is usually the most prosperous.

We offer a generous revenue share of 80% to all our members (as standard); we believe a revenue share is more beneficial to our members, than quoting a fixed CPM rate. Fixed rates can be restrictive, and a revenue share allows earnings to maximised to their true potential with greater transparency.

If you’re an In-Game PC publisher (Steam or Minecraft)  then the following link will you an indication of yesterdays rates by country: http://motdgd.com/rates.php. However, they change daily due to reflect the fact you have a revenue share. The link will also give you an indication of the demand, and ad availability.

You can increase your video revenue share temporarily by earning and spending loyalty points accordingly (see our loyalty points FAQs).

Rates for non-video (banners and remnant ads) are significantly less than video, but they still pay “something”. These rates are not quoted, but they are variable – on the standard 80% rev share.

We pay 99% of the time in dollars only. This is because the advertising industry works in dollars primarily, our advertisers pay us in dollars, and it’s far easier to manage rates and expectations using dollars.

Even though we’re a UK company, we still prefer dollars. We hope you can understand. If you’re from the UK too and you want to be paid in sterling, we can only do this via a wire transfer.

Yes you do, we just quote our video rates on our rate page as “per 1,000” (CPM) to make it easier to understand, this is industry standard.

We operate on an industry standard “NET 60” model, we can explain how that works:

If you earn revenue on your account on – say the 25 September, it would automatically be requested for withdrawal on the first day of the following month (e.g. 1 October). It would then move from your confirmed balance, and be added to your pending payments under “account statement” and “payments” on the portal.

The money would then be paid around 60 days later from that date, so from the 1 October, that brings us into 1 December.

We always pay at the start/middle of a month, when our advertisers pay us; we don’t hold onto publisher funds for more than a couple of days, so in this example payment would actually be made between 4-15 December.

If you go to your member area portal and view your account statement, you will see the due date of money we owe you, for example:

2015-01-15 IN 65 DAYS
$10.00 USD

Some members often ask why it says they will be paid in 65 days on the portal, this is approximate and we typically pay on/a little before the 65 day mark.

There is an early payment option to get paid much faster, see the FAQ on early payments.

Some members often ask why it says they will be paid in 65 days on the portal. This is approximate and payment is normally made on/a little before the 65 day mark.

We operate on an industry standard “NET 60″ model, please see our “when will I get paid?” FAQ to understand the logic behind it.

There is also an early payment option, see the FAQ on “Can I get paid early?”.

We don’t have strict minimum payment rules – anything over $1 will be paid (for early payments and normal payments).

Yes – something that is largely unheard of in our industry is an “early payment facility”, you will be pleased to know that we offer it; an early payment facility is exactly like it sounds, you can get paid without having to wait approx. 60 days.

This facility is offered in exchange for a fee of 13% and 9% (for Premium Members). You can go on your member area portal, and select “request early payment”, under the payments tab. You will be shown the criteria and if you are eligible you will be able to request early payment – you can request one pending withdrawal you have on your account early (of your choice). We will always aim to pay this to you the next working day. However, sometimes it might be made a day or two later, please manage your expectations accordingly.

However, this is on a first come, first served basis, and we budget a “reasonably large pot” each month (for example $10,000) for this facility, once the “pot” has  been depleted for the given month, you will either not be able to get an early payment, or you will be able to withdraw early  a smaller amount than your available funds. Whilst we are trying to increase the “pot” each month, it is not always possible.

You can track how much is left in the pot easily by clicking on early payments and see the  remaining funds available at any time.

This facility will open on the 17th of the month for Premium Members, and the 18th for everyone else, until the funds are depleted. It will close at the latest on the 27th or most likely before, depending on available funds. There is HIGH demand for this facility, so it is first come, first served we cannot make exceptions – sorry.

Why is there a fee?
A fee is payable because – we are paying our members early, before we receive the money ourselves from advertisers. We are using our “own capital”, and therefore we endure: all associated risks, transaction fees, currency exchange fluctuations and the waiting time – on your behalf.

From the members portal if you click on “payments” (on the menu) then “account statement” you should be able to view all the payments that are owed to you, the payment due date, and the status of the payment.

Please note – the payment due date is an approximate date – whilst the month it is due will be correct (we often pay sooner that the date quoted). For example if you have a payment due on the 15th August 2015 (it is not uncommon for us to pay before that date in August 2015).

Generally speaking we pay our members between the 4th-15th of a month. The due dates quoted on your portal will not take into account use of our early payments facility – it assumes standard payout times.

Don’t panic we move your current balance to your account statement area at the start of every month. This is so we can prepare your stats for the new month ahead.

Please go to “payments” then “account statement” on the portal, and you can see all the payments owed to you, and when they are due.

If you want to get paid earlier than the due dates, check out our early payment facility.


Because we have hundreds of payments to process each month – we use MassPay via PayPal.

It’s possible for various reasons that your payment or early payment didn’t get sent properly by MassPay/ the system errored.  When this is the case please let us know, we will re-send your payment out manually ASAP.

Sometimes we have to send manual payments when for example: users haven’t verified themselves on PayPal or need to adjust their PayPal settings in order to receive payments. To avoid delays like please check  your PayPal account is OK prior to your payment due date, and that your PayPal address is correct on our system.

Note – if it’s an early payment we aim to pay this the next working day (again we can re-send these manually if necessary).

Premium Membership is our way of rewarding our members for those with top quality traffic.

There are definite advantages to becoming a Premium Member (as you would expect). Premium membership qualification is automatically determined on a rolling month to month basis. You will find out on the 1st of each month, whether you qualified for Premium membership or not.

Advantages to Premium Membership include things such as: a monthly prize draw, cheaper early payment fees, priority early payments, faster updating stats etc. You may find a full list of the advantages for Premium Member’s here  (this is a member portal link).

How do I quality for premium membership?

Currently you must:

– Have at least 21 days of activity during the last month
– Have an average TRAQ score of 700+ (this is related to the viewability of ads, and is an internal score, which we measure)

Remember: if you are a Premium Member one month, there is no guarantee you will be a Premium Member the following month, unless your traffic quality is consistently good.


It is important to remember the location of your audience will play a major factor in the amount you earn. Generally the higher paying countries, have more/higher paying video campaigns available.

For example – UK audiences will generally see plenty of video content, whereas, audiences in Estonia (for example), will see fewer videos, with a lower CPM. It is all down to advertiser demand for audience destinations. Advertisers typically pay more for prime destinations e.g. English spoken adverts – would be prime in English speaking countries.

Please don’t rule out a lack of campaigns at the current time (we call this low fill rates), or a campaign coming to an end. Usually there is nothing to worry about, as campaigns come and go on a regular basis. As a generally accepted view – January and August tend to be particularly difficult months for the advertising industry as a whole, whereas the run up to Christmas for example is usually the most prosperous.

We try to serve at least a banner or remnant ad (non-video) when a video is unavailable (something is better than nothing). This ensures server owners don’t lose out entirely because of lack of fill rates (despite videos paying more). Fill rates fluctuate up and down throughout the year, this is normal – it doesn’t mean our ad server is broken.

To gain a better understanding of ad availability and rates, please visit http://motdgd.com/rates.php

You must have at least 100 video views before we can give you an accurate estimation.

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