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Message of the day, good (gd being an acronym for good).

We chose this name because when our company was born, we specialised in placing our advertisements inside the MOTD (the message of the day) in Steam games. Even though we have now expanded, Steam will always be our roots, so the name has stuck ever since.

Click  the relevant link under our publishers panel, and follow the simple instructions, once you are satisfied.

You can sign up today by clicking here

In-Game PC publishers – individuals or businesses that run their own game servers, and want to monetize, with adverts on Valve’s Steam platform utilising the “MOTD” (message of the day) OR with Minecraft.

Web publishers – individuals or businesses that run a website, and want to monetise with adverts.

Some of our members will be both.

You can find your user ID on your portal summary page in the members area, just click the small blue button “important details”. You can also find it next to your username, when you’re logged in (excluding the #).  Please remember:  your ID will be a number NOT your username.

This ID is especially important for your plugin config files (Minecraft or Steam).

You can see our most popular countries, by checking out our infographic: click here. These are the countries that request the most ads currently.

If you want to see detailed information about ad availability and rates worldwide then please go to: http://motdgd.com/rates.php

No – If you encourage people to click your ad link this is against our TOS. You risk having your account restricted/suspended, and your earnings forfeited.

For example: you cannot share your link on social media, via a traffic exchange, forum etc.

The only exceptions to this are:

– Using our in-game plugins, to legitimately engage players e.g. with Minecraft you can run a command in exchange for them viewing the ad link that appears on the chat.
– In the rare and unlikely event we have approved it with you.

Yes – this is possible, whether you are an existing customer or a new customer. However, we will need to approve it manually, and not all websites meet our advertisers criteria.

If your website/implementation isn’t approved and you put our adverts on your website/share your link i.e. your portal MOTD link, you risk having your account and earnings restricted/suspended. Equally you will need to ensure the traffic you send us, is of good quality once approved (i.e. ads are in the viewable area, and the audience are genuinely watching the ads).

Your website is more likely to be approved if:

– You get over 2,000 impressions a day (from countries that include – US, UK, DE, FR, ES)
– Your website is gaming related e.g. an online flash game arcade/gaming news site etc.
– You can provide your own video player (though not mandatory)

Your website will not be approved if:

– It promotes gambling/drugs/illegal activities/traffic exchanges etc.
– It is not written in English as the primary language
– It is a blog or forum
– It contains a virus/malicious code
– It looks outdated or lacks content


1. Email us on [email protected] or create a support ticket (via members portal) – and tell us your URL.
2. Tell us how many daily impressions you get (approx), and from what countries.
3. Tell us where you want the pre-roll video adverts to appear i.e. before what content.
4. We review your request within 48 hours – if approved we’ll show you how to easily integrate our network.
5. If successful you will get website tags/or other means to show adverts on your website, via a video player.

Note – we don’t support html display banners on external websites, only pre-roll video at this time.

No -sorry, at the moment we only support in-game banners in our MOTD (message of the day) for Steam publishers; the banner size we currently support in-game is 300 x 250 and 728 x 90.

We will make an announcement if/when we permit banners to be used on external websites.

The best thing to do is to create a support ticket, in our member portal for our staff members to examine, and discuss with you; please provide full details of the enquiry.

For more instant support, we are also available on Skype at live:motdgd.

We are in talks to devise a refer a friend scheme for our members, thanks for your patience.

Premium Membership is our way of rewarding our members for those with top quality traffic.

There are definite advantages to becoming a Premium Member (as you would expect). Premium membership qualification is automatically determined on a rolling month to month basis. You will find out on the 1st of each month, whether you qualified for Premium membership or not.

Advantages to Premium Membership include things such as: a monthly prize draw, cheaper early payment fees, priority early payments, faster updating stats etc. You may find a full list of the advantages for Premium Member’s here  (this is a member portal link).

How do I quality for premium membership?

Currently you must:

– Have at least 21 days of activity during the last month
– Have an average TRAQ score of 700+ (this is related to the viewability of ads, and is an internal score, which we measure)

Remember: if you are a Premium Member one month, there is no guarantee you will be a Premium Member the following month, unless your traffic quality is consistently good.


If your account is restricted, we will always provide you with a reason why. We are happy to discuss any issue you with you, with the aim of resolving the problem.

If a support ticket isn’t created for you, please create one (via the member portal), and a member of staff can speak to you about your account.

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