You are in safe hands with MOTDgd, we invest in state of the art technology to ensure your advertising campaign is protected.

Blocking sites and malicious practices

Our technology protects advertisers by pre-emptively blocking suspicious sites and malicious practices such as: fake pre-roll, Botnets (a network of hijacked computers programmed to drive fake video ad views), and sites using masking or nested iFrame technology to stream pirated content. All of these measures and more are executed “pre-bid”, so that our clients’ brand equity and budgets are never compromised.

Dynamic Ad Server Management 

We also use our home-grown technology called “DASM” (Dynamic Ad Server Management), to further afford our advertisers extra protection, whereby we can frequency cap your campaign by defined criteria to ensure that it is not being sabotaged by traffic exchanges, or botnets.

We monitor typical visitation patterns and engagement behaviour, blocking known botnet proxies, private IP ranges and infected computers or audience cookie segments and we maintain lists of sites known to be infected. We block all campaigns from being shown to such malicious traffic types.