In-game PC advertising (Minecraft)

We currently manage over 2,000 game server owners in the Steam Environment; we now have a new exclusive opportunity for advertisers in Minecraft!

By buying our home-grown, in-game PC Minecraft traffic, you gain access to a worldwide audience, with the regions and criteria of your choice. Microsoft bought the company who owns Minecraft (Mojang) for $2.5bn in Sep 2014, it is one of the best-selling PC games of all time, and most popular games in the world. At the time of writing (April 2015) there are over 19 million copies of Minecraft sold. Minecraft is, essentially, the gaming version of; a social interaction that has exploded onto the gaming scene and has transcended the typical boundaries of gaming.

Ad intergration
We currently offer server owners a command based advertising plugin this means flexibility and freedom of choice about how they integrate ads into their Minecraft communities – as every server is different. Our adverts will be shown via a link when a player joins a game server. Watching an ad allows the player, to get an item, ability or function specified by the server owner, e.g. the ability to break blocks, teleport to a location, a pickaxe etc. Our plugin is user friendly, if the user chooses not to watch an ad, they can still move around the server normally, and interact with other users.

Main/typical demographics
15-21 year olds (approx 43%)

22-30 year olds (approx 21%)

Under 15 (approx 20%)

61-80 (approx 16%)

What formats/features do we support here?
MOV or MP4 or FLV and VAST 2.0 ad tags.

Companion banners – HTML display banners (300 x 250 & 728 x 90).

Video demo of our ads in-game (Minecraft)

Screenshots of our in-game advertising in Minecraft